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Giving to the Community in Scottsdale, Arizona

AAA-Approved Green Shop

Preserving Our Environment with Responsible Resource Management

Green Award

Airpark Auto Service can prove that our north Scottsdale auto shop is as clean as it looks. Our family-owned, AAA Approved Auto Repair facility recently became the first auto shop in Scottsdale to receive the distinguished “Green Shop” designation from AAA Arizona and the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ).

When Airpark Auto Service began operating in 1992, our dream was to set the bar high for auto service with a clean and customer-friendly shop where drivers felt safe, respected, and comfortable. As a seven-time recipient of AAA’s Top Shop designation along with being named a 2008 Better Business Bureau Business Ethics Award Finalist, we can now add environmentalism to our long list of community service.

Airpark Auto Service set a new record in qualifying to be an Arizona Green Business. After receiving a passing score, we still made final touches including additional office recycling and low-energy lights that earned us an almost perfect score as part of the state’s rating system to qualify. Airpark Auto Service became the 16th AAA Approved Auto Repair facility in the state to receive the “Green Shop” designation. Phil Farenga, Green Business Coordinator for AAA Arizona, said more auto service stations are using environmentally friendly products and procedures, including water-based cleaners that use steam and agitation to clean instead of chemicals. These efforts make the working environment much safer for auto shop staff and is more attractive to customers. “My personal view is, it’s good for business, it’s good for the community and it just makes good sense to do it,” he said. Shops like Airpark Auto Service are finding a way to show the public that this industry is changing. We’re people taking care of people. We just happen to fix cars.

— Nadine Grobmeier, Owner


Helping Those Who Need It Most

By Scott Bowden, Contributing Editor, Parts Plus Magazine

Irony can be unfair at times. Just ask Tech. Sgt. Keith Brown of the United States Air Force.

Helping Those Who Need It Most

Sgt. Brown, stationed at Luke Air Force Base, Arizona, is in charge of maintaining millions of dollars’ worth of Air Force vehicles, with responsibilities ranging from managing the deployment of 147 armed convoy missions in Iraq to coordinating one of the largest air shows in America.

Sgt. Brown was so devoted to fulfilling his military obligations while also raising four kids with his wife that he neglected his own car, which was left hanging by a wire—literally. For months, the battery terminals on Sgt. Brown's 1993 Nissan NX 1600 were held together by a coat-hanger wire. The NX had more than 200,000 miles on it, a fact made obvious by its squeaking brakes, worn tires, leaky gas tank, shabby interior, and a hood that practically refused to open—assumedly out of shame. The situation worsened when one of the Browns' daughter totaled the family's other car while the sergeant was on a tour of duty in the Middle East. After years of serving his country, Sgt. Brown needed someone to lend him a hand for once.

NASCAR Angels Logo

"He deserves a car that he can depend on because his country depends on him," wrote Jennifer Moore, a friend of Sgt. Brown's, in an emotional letter to the producers of the NASCAR Angels TV show. Parts Plus is a proud sponsor of the popular program, which is often described as Pimp My Ride meets Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. NASCAR developed the show with MagicDust Television not only to educate viewers about the importance of vehicle maintenance but also to portray local, independently owned shops and their technicians in a positive light, says Dennis O'Neil, the show's executive producer.

"We help reinforce the public's faith in their skills and capabilities," he says. "We're promoting the fact that if you take the time to find a good repair facility, you'll find that there are plenty of neighborhood shops out there you can trust with your vehicle."

Airpark Auto Service in Scottsdale, Arizona built its reputation on trust, so owner Nadine Grobmeier and her team jumped at the chance to help a local Air Force sergeant. Nadine is active in several area charities, including the Packages from Home program, which delivers care packages to U.S. troops overseas. Airpark Auto Service serves as a drop-off location for the program, with the public—including many of their customers—donating goods to the troops.

A quick inspection of Sgt. Brown's vehicle revealed that while the shop would be able to finish the necessary repairs, the required extensive bodywork would make it a near impossibility to reveal the finished car on time to Sgt. Brown and the TV cameras. Instead, Nadine did something even better: She called John Lundin, fleet manager at the local Courtesy Chevrolet dealership, who helped secure a 2001 Oldsmobile Alero to provide to Sgt. Brown. Still, the Olds needed work.

While Sgt. Brown was cruising around Phoenix International Raceway with driver Kenny Wallace, Nadine's own pit crew of Joe Knott, Mike Lundston, Alan Jensen, and Tam Ngo replaced the struts, wheel bearings, air conditioning compressor, and radiator; installed a new set of Goodyear Tires and NASCAR Victory Wheels as well as a new Exide battery; and changed the oil filter, with some of the parts supplied by Tri-City Automotive Warehouse, the Network WD in Tempe, Arizona. Kustom Koachworks donated their manpower, performing bodywork, and touching up the nicks and scratches on the 2001 Alero to make it appear as it just rolled off the showroom floor.

Sgt. Brown's two boys spent a day with NASCAR Angels host Shannon Wiseman, shopping for camping equipment at Cabelas. Co-sponsor Lay's picked up the tab. Sgt. Brown received his new wheels, as more than 60 members of the 56th LRS unit from Luke Air Force Base cheered.

"No one's ever done anything like this for me," Sgt Brown said. "It's beyond words...it really is."

All in a day's work at Airpark Auto Service.

Supporting Our Troops

You Can Help Make a Difference!

Supporting Our Troops

Airpark Auto Service invites our many Airpark friends and family to join in our continued efforts to support our troops while they're away from home. While these brave men and women are away serving our country, sometimes the simplest of gestures can help them make it through the hard times and bring a much-needed smile to their faces. As many of you may know, we have been a drop off center for 'Packages From Home,' a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting our troops, along with aiding 'PfH' financially for mailing/postage as necessary for several years now. Packages From Home’s mission is simple . . . to provide food, personal care, and recreation items to our troops in Iraq, Afghanistan, Korea, etc. from Americans who care. 100 percent of all money donated goes toward the purchase of requested items and mailing/postage. Packages From Home is an all-volunteer force: no one receives any compensation.

To learn more about how you can help:

Visit www.packagesfromhome.org and see the list of items to donate (we also have brochures that outline the list of items to donate . . . you are welcomed to pick one up in our front lobby). Come to Airpark Auto Service with your donated items and drop them off. We will deliver them to PFH for packaging and delivery.

You may also make a donation online; when making your donation, you can specify how you would like your donation to be used:

  • Postage
  • Purchase of Specific Items
  • Combination of Both

We are proud to be a part of this definitely worthy and charitable cause. Please join us, won’t you?

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