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TThere are many complex parts and components to our vehicles and they all have to work together. Each one of these parts is essential, for one reason or another, to keeping our vehicles running. If you are not familiar with the internal workings of an automobile it is important to learn and understand some of the basics. This education and knowledge will help you take better care of your vehicle, keep you from being stranded, and make you an informed consumer.

automotiveWhat is it ? - The transmission is a major component of any vehicle. The transmission is essentially a machine, or gearbox that takes a high speed input (the enging) and converts it to a useful variable speed output. The gears, clutches and fluid mechanics that make up the transmission transfer the power that your engine produces to the wheels. This is crucial to the functionality of a vehicle because without it the vehicle would not move.

Manual vs Automatic - An automatic transmission provides convenience for many drivers and may even increase safety if using a manual distracts you. An automatic transmission uses hydraulics to automatically change gears for you while driving so you can focus on the road. A manual transmission functions the same way as the former, but like its name implies does not perform automatically. A manual transmission requires you to shift between gears instead of the transmission automatically doing it. Many people prefer manual transmission for a variety of reasons. In the end, the best transmission is the one you are the most comfortable with.

Maintenance & Inspection - Maintenance of your transmission can be tricky because of the complex nature of their construction and its location - buried deep under the vehicle. Transmissions must be maintained, inspected and adjusted pretty much like any other component or system in your vehicle. A transmission whose function is compromised can cause many problems in the long run. It is advisable to have your mechanic do an occasional drive test - s/he may spot problems like slipping, overheating, or leaking early. Sometimes a fluid change, band adjustment or filter change may be all that is needed to preclude a major problem or failure.

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