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CThere are many things that effect the way they feel when we drive them. Fewer make a difference more than tires. If one is running low or worn, we feel it. If one is out of balance - we feel it. If the tread is worn down, we feel it !

automotiveThe tires on a car or light truck are obvious to most people - without them you wouldn't be moving - but the types of tires and what they are used for can be very confusing. The basic idea of what tire you should be using starts at what kind of vehicle you are driving. Heavier, larger vehicles will have tires that are suited for them, especially if they are vehicles like trucks designed for hauling heavy loads. Other tires are specified for sharp handling and maneuverability such as specialty tires for sport cars or rally cars.

What's the best tire ? OEM ? - OEM (original equipment manufacurer) tires - the tires still on most cars - are put on to offer a middle ground in handling, performance, wear and safety. Compromises in cost vs. performance are made by engineers and so OEM tires are usually not the best avaialable but they will wear and last a reasonable amount of time. Tires is one area manufacturers like to cut costs so usually when you replace tires, they are almost always better than what came on your vehicle.

There are many options now - Tires are expensive - and good tires are really expensive. When its time to replace tires the rule is usually install the best replacement you can afford. It is true that nearly always the more expensive the tire, the longer it lasts, the better it will hold balance, and less often you will have to replace it. That is not always the case , and don't always assume the tires that came with the car are the best choice. Your trusted mechanic will be able to recommend the brands and models that will work best with your car and driving conditions and budget. Since they see a lot of makes and models and put on a lot of tires, your local shop will have a lot more experience with tire fitment and know which are the best performers for the money.

Maintenance is critical - Tire maintenance is simple, yet its is very often neglected and it alost always leads to premautre wear. Keeping tires at their designed pressure is essential - this assures minumal stresses on the tire and reduces heat buildup. It also provides the best gas mileage. Tire rotations, balance and inspection are also very important, not only to get the most out of your tire investment, but to assure the safest possible operation. Also always monitor tire wear. There are indicators on most tires that allow you to know when your tread is wearing down and that it may be time for a replacement. Replacing tires when they need to be replaced and having them checked every time you get your vehicle serviced is a surefire way to keep you safe from danger and to avoid spending a lot of money suddenly due to accidents or flats.

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