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CWhen it comes to our cars amd light trucks we must keep them maintained and functioning correctly. When we neglect taking care of particular parts of our cars they can cause long term damage, cost us money, and even endanger our lives. Being familiar with particular areas of your vehicle is essential to knowing how to take care of them. One of the most overlooked areas in your vehicle is its steering also called the "front end"

automotiveThe term steering is very self-explanatory, but what is not are the things that make it happen. You may have noticed that almost every car feels a little different when you drive it. One of the reasons for this has to do with the car's intended steering capabilities.

How it Works - When you turn your steering wheel - it connects to a shaft that runs down to the steering gearbox. Most people cannot see their steering box it is buried in the frame. The gearbox is sort of like a transmission - in that it takes large rotations and turns them into small rotations. It also offers feedback to the driver so they can "feel" what they are doing. The gearbox output, connects to the steering rod, or tie rod, which through parts like ball joints, steering knuckles and a-arms - allow you to turn the wheels. We'll spare the complicated details of how exactly this works, but the main thing to focus on is that there are many parts that allow you to steer and ultimately make your vehicle go where you need it to go. These parts need inspection and occasional maintenance (like cleaning or lubricating) to prolong their life.

Because cars and other vehicles have gotten heavier and more complex, steering has evolved along with it. Most cars and trucks have power steering which lessens the amount of force exerted by you, the driver, to turn the wheels of the vehicle. Maintaining the parts that go into the steering system is important. There are many components - small and large, and various fluids (often referred to as power steering fluid) that assist you in driving. By ensuring this is maintained you increase your comfort, your safety and your vehicle's service life.

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