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IIts Phoenix - most of the year its hot. Very hot. One vehicle component we have all come to rely on heavily here is the auto air conditioner. Without it we'd be miserable in the extreme heat. We take this system for granted every day but we sure know it when it breaks down. Modern auto air conditioners are quite reliable and with proper care most will last the life of your car, but they can and do have issues from time to time and they do require routine inspections and maintenance. Don't take this critical system for granted - checks and inspections will prevent it from leaving you in the heat or saddling you with more costly repairs.

automotiveHow it works - The auto air conditioning system is quite a complex system - it works in the same manner as your home air conditioner however the compressor is turned by the engine via the serpentine belt. The main parts of the sytem are the compressor, condenser, evaporator , dryer, electronic controls and the myriad hoses and connectors that allow it to be routed into the cabin. The compressor compresses refrigerant which initially is a gas, this heats it up and turns it to liquid, the dryer removes moisture from the liquid , the condenser removes heat, its then sent into the cabin where the evaporator allows the liquid to expand, and therefore, cool the cabin. The gas returns to the compressor and the cycle starts all over again. Over the years engineers have made this system very reliable, but heat, vibration, dust, rain, and dry air work to crack and fatigue the connections and hoses and other critical parts and eventually the sytem may become compromised.

Common failures - The most common problems encountered with the auto air conditioning system are drive belt failure, noisy or failed air conditioner compressor bearings, air conditioner clutch failure, air conditioning hose or gasket failure, or even complete compressor failure. A low refigerant level and lack of cold air is usually indicative of hose, gasket, coupling or compressor leakage or failure.

Maintain & Inspect - The key to keeping auto your air conditioner performing reliably is to have your mechanic inspect / test it every time your car is serviced. Have them look at hoses, cabin air filters (a clogged one can make it seem like your system is not working) check for leaks, check refrigerant level, corrosion, listen for noise or other issues. Of course, its always a good idea to look at the drive belt as well. Doing a few minor things now, can prevent you from having to do some major things later. Not to mention no one wants to be on the road sweating !

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