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AAlignment, also known as wheel alignment, is the process of adjusting the angles of the suspension components of your car to achieve an optimal angle for your tires to contact the road at. Simply put, alignment changes the angle of your wheels in order to produce less wear on them and maximize their stability on the road. Rotating your tires and keeping your vehicle aligned will maximize tire life.

automotiveWhy Alignment ? - Over time our tires begin to wear unevenly. This is inevitable because we do not drive in straight lines all the time. The angle of wear on our tires can cause them to fade and wear out much sooner than is necessary. Thus, changing the alignment allows for tires to last much longer and for our driving experience to be more consistent.

Check it every time you rotate tires - Typically every time you have your vehicle in for a major milestone service or inspection - or when you get your tires rotated - your alignment should be checked. A technician will inspect your alignment - if adjustment is needed they will let you know, typically any adjustment that is needed is small - but over time neglecting this can cost you a lot in tire and suspension wear. Your tires are one of your most expensive wear items - preserving them even in small ways will save you a lot of money. Checking alignment is also critical to keeping your ride safe and stable.

Prevent Safety Issues & Accidents - If a vehicle's alignment is consistently poor this may be an indication of other, sometimes bigger, problems like bent suspension parts, worn out bushings or ball joints, and other parts that could compromise the safety and handling stability of your vehicle should they go unattended. Vehicle systems work together in unison to provide a smooth and reliable ride - if even one of these systems are not working propery or their adjustment is off, it will certainly show itself somewhere else - and if left to go long enough most certainly you will feel it in your wallet!

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